Clean Sport

As long time advocates of clean sport both Eric and Sheila find that while no testing will take place at our events due to financial burdens, we can still reasonably expect and even demand that the athletes that enter our events adhere to clean sport guidelines and principles.

Athletes at Trail Methods events are expected to abide by WADA and IAAF regulations – Those regulations can be found here: WADA BANNED LIST.

Trail Methods Policy:

  1. Athletes agree upon entering our events that they are not using, nor have used any WADA banned elements.
  2. An athlete that is currently banned by WADA or a similar doping controls system may not compete in our events.
  3. We will consider any doping controls failure and/or ban to mean a lifetime ban from our events. Any athlete known to have failed a doping control will be dropped from our past results and will no longer be allowed to register for future events.

Trail Methods and Many On The Genny, while  small, local, and grass roots, has a strong belief that the reason we come to the mountains and trails is to test ourselves. We believe the use of  a performance enhancing substance takes away that from that concept, and during competition provides an unfair advantage that is dangerous to both the safety and growth of this sport.

We will not tolerate known dopers in our events and we encourage all athletes to compete clean.