Run N Raft

Join us on the river!
Join us on the river!

Join us for a day of fun and adventure in Letchworth State Park

2021 cancelled

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Challenge yourself in the rapids


8:00 am – Arrive at Adventure Calls Headquarters
8:30 am – The staff from ACO will drive us down to St. Helena
9:00 am -11:00am – We will run a casual run from St Helena all the way to Lower Falls (about 5 miles)
We will change out of running clothes and prep to raft
11:00 am -2:00 pm- ON THE RIVER
2:30 pm – Picnic back at Lower Falls area

Some details

1. This is a CASUAL run – You will sign the waiver that states if you go off on your own… You are just that. On your own. Enjoy time with friends in the woods. The course won’t be marked. We will give directions.
2. The river is class 1 or 2 rapids – Tops out at small 3 on a perfect day. Let’s hope.
3. Your run, raft, wet suit rental, and BBQ are all included in this price.
4. On the river, we suggest tight fitting clothes for under the wet suit. Think compression gear.
5. After we raft – You will be wet and our picnic is outside. Come prepared to change into some warm clothes.
6. We will supply food and some non alcoholic drinks at the picnic – If you want something special regarding drinks, BYOB.
7. There is an option for a tip for our raft guides. Last season this company had almost no days on the river due to the drought. They stuck with us as a sponsor for the event, let’s return the favor.

Follow the gorge trail

Sorry guys – but no refunds on this event. If you are in – We reserve a spot that I must pay for –

If you want to raft and not run – Please arrive at ACO by 10:30am – Cost is the same

Jump in with us at Wolf Creek