After much consideration and giving consideration to trail sustainability, there will be no pacers allowed during the event. Crew information is below.

The first half of this race is VERY spectator friendly, with multiple points along the way to see your runner, cheer them on, help them out, and see some fantastic views. There will be 5 official aid stations that crew can access.

MOTG Crew Map

Crew directions are below: Some mileages may be off – please pay attention to street signs

Driving Directions Bathroom? Aid Station? Approximate driving miles
From the race start at the Dam Overlook, make a left (south) onto Park Road.  Head south to the Camping Check-In lot (on the left) and runners’ first aid station. You may not enter the camping area – only the parking lot.        X     X 4.2 miles
Make another left (south) onto Park Road to the second trailhead for trail #15. This will be on your left. Viewing spot only. Parking allowed only in designated areas – please pay attention to signs. 2 miles
Go left (south)onto Park Road again to the St. Helena Picnic Area on the left. Park in the parking area (Using upper st helena road) – This would be a runner hello – not an aid area – runners only pass through        X 4.2 miles
Go left (south) onto Park Road to Tea Tables area. This is where our 2nd aid station is – Plenty of parking in the lot, aid station in the pavillion        X  X .5 miles
Go left (south) onto Park Road to Wolf Creek area.        X .25 miles
Go left (south) onto Park Road to the Great Bend Overlook. .9 miles
Go left (south) onto Park Road.  Go 1.4 miles, make a left onto Lower Falls Road.  Follow the signs to Adventure Calls/Rafting. Pavilion is behind the bathrooms        X      X 2.6 miles
**If you would like a great place to see your runner, there is a 1/2 mile hike down to Lower Falls viewing platform with stunning views.  To get there head south along the race route/lower falls trail, take the 127 steps down to the viewing platform.  We require that crew/spectators stay off the bridge so that runners can cross quickly and safely.  Please be advised that once you hike down the steps, you have to go back up them! **1/2 mile hike
** the south entrance/exit at portagville is now open, we will update this section very soon but anticipate saving many miles and time**

To get to the next aid station, exit the parking lot and go straight  at the stop sign.  At the fork in the road, stay right.  At the stop sign, make a right onto Park Road.  This should be about 1.8 miles from the parking lot.  Pass Archery Field on your left and take the next left to the Castile Entrance/Denton Corners Road.  Follow Denton Corners Road for 2 miles.  Make a left onto Route 436 East/19A South.  In 2.1 miles, turn left to stay on 436 East.  In another .25 miles, make another left to stay on 436 East.  Continue on 436 for 4.5 miles.  Make a left onto Oakland Road.  Take Oakland Road for about 3.1 miles to River Road -Here is an access point on your left – It is about a .4 mile hike to the yellow blaze flt (turn right) and about another .6 to the aid station. Parking in on the North direction side of Oakland road only. Do not park on dirt road.

     X  17.75 miles
Leave the aid station and continue North onto River Road.  Take River Road for about ~5 miles to an access point (trail D) on your left once you pass ridge road for our final aid station. You will hike almost .35 mile in to this aid station      X 5.5 miles
Continue  (north) back onto River Road.  Follow River Rd.  Make a left onto Route 408.  Stay on 408 for .6 miles, then turn left onto Visitor Center Road.  It is 1.7 miles on the road to the Dam and the finish line!        X      X 2.8 miles