Land Acknowledgement

The land that we run this race on is all inside of Lethworth State Park which has a brief history that can be viewed here.

There is however, a much longer history than the time of William Letchworth and the State of New York. We recognize this history and commemorate Indigenous peoples’ kinship and history of the lands we host our race on.

The Seneca nation lived and thrived along the banks of the Genesee River long before we came to see it. Much of our race course follows the literal footpaths that have long been part of the Seneca people.

The creek crossing at the Silver Lake outlet is one of the most photographed locations of our course, and has been crossed for generations before us. We acknowledge the course we currently maintain was shaped by the knowledge of people who knew this land long before colonization occurred.

The canyon walls are permeated with tales about the Senecas, among them the story of a woman and papoose (aka child) who perished here and whose spirits are said to roam the surrounding forest of red cedars, maples, pines, and oaks in the shape of white deer. Keep y our eyes open and you never know what you may see.

When we run these lands, we ask you to take consideration it’s past, care for it’s future, and acknowledge and appreciate how it came to be.

While you are with us, you should consider taking a visit to the council grounds in the park,  a great place to further the education of the places we run.