Race Day Details

Date: June 19th

Check in: Begins at 5:00 am At the start line – Every runner will check in and pick up their bib at the start line. Please allow time for this in your morning plan. This check in ensures we know exactly who is on the course. There is no checking in for other runners. You must do this in person yourself. All swag will be given out at the finish line


Start Time: 6:00am from the High Banks Recreation Area/ Dam Overlook This location is about 1 mile south of the Mount Morris entrance to the park which is located on the intersection of Route 36 and Park Road

Average Weather: High of 76 and a low of 55

Shuttle Information: We will have 2 shuttles both will be leaving at 5:00 am from the Mount Morris Dam- 6103 Visitor Center Rd, Mt Morris, NY 14510 (Finish line). The course does not start and finish in the same location – You must preregister for the shuttles – no exceptions 

There will be no shuttle at the end of the event.

You may park your vehicles at the finish line or have your own crew take you to the start. The Army Corp Of Engineers at the Dam Finish Area have allowed us 40 parking spaces – Overflow parking is at the Finger Lakes Trail Council and Hogs Back Overlook as well as visitor center road. We will cone off the spots unavailable to us – Please respect the parking requirements.

***Parking for shuttle and finish line. This is very important and vital to future event approvals. We are NOT allowed to park on the dam access road. Cars will be towed if they park illegally. Please look at this map, plan ahead for parking and be prepared to walk a little distance to catch the shuttle or hang out at the finish. ***


Course Cut -Offs:

Campground Aid –

Mile: 7.5

Time: 8:00am – 2 hours

Pace required: 16:00/mile

Tea Tables Aid

Mile: 15.8

Time: 10:30am – 4.5 hours

Pace: 17:38/mile

Lower-Falls Aid

Mile: 20.0

Time: Noon – 6 hours

Pace: 17:44/mile

Lean-To Some aid station

Mile: 27.3

Time: 3:00pm – 9 hours

Pace 19:46/mile

Final Countdown aid station

Mile: 35.8

Time: 6:00pm – 12 hours

Pace 20:23

An official finish.

Mile: 40

Time: 8pm – 14 hours – This is a HARD cut. 1 second over the 14 hour mark will result in a DNF. You will still celebrate your day with us with food – beer – and friends. But you will not be listed in our official results nor will you receive a finisher medal! Push hard, the last few miles are the “easiest”.

Pace: 21:00/mile

Drop Information: If you make the decision to drop during the race it must occur at one of the aid stations. Please keep in mind some of these locations will still require up to a 1 mile hike to get to a vehicle in order to get back to the finish area. This is an important piece to take in to consideration for this race. There are no easy outs once you cross the river at Lower Falls. At this point the race becomes a wilderness event and you must be prepared as such.

Finish: The Finish line and celebration will be at the picnic circle at the Mount Morris Dam and Rec center. We will have food, music, and bathroom facilities on site. The food at the post race will be a Rochester favorite – Garbage Plates. We will also have plenty of drinks!

Parking and facilities will be available here and at the  Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Center 6103 Visitor Center Rd, Mt Morris, NY 14510

Drop Bag Information:

You may leave 1 drop bag at the start line (back of our truck) and you will have access to the bag at the Lower Falls Aid station. This is the only location you will have access to a drop bag as it is the only location that is vehicle accessible for our volunteers. The drop bags will be delivered to the finish line around 2 pm – Please have your bag labeled with  your name so they may be sorted alphabetically at the aid station. If you do not, they will be lumped in with the randoms on a table for you to find! These are to be bags, not bins, not luggage, not totes… BAGS. We carry these around for  you, and we will not be able to carry anything other than bags