A few certain requirements to start.

  1. Runners must carry water with them (a requirement of 20 ounces)
  2. There is no drop point on the finger lakes trail other than aid stations. If you drop at an aid station you will still need to hike up to the road for a ride back out.
  3. You have an understanding that 40+ miles is a long way to run. -We suggest you print and bring a course map with you.

In the style of old school ultras, this race comes with a need for self sufficient runners – We have 5 fully stocked aid stations on the course spread out among the 40+ miles. Be prepared to spend up to 7-9 miles between some of the aid stations in some remote sections of trail. Be prepared to read a map/follow directions/get yourself out of trouble.


 Registration: $120.00

Opens Jan 1 at Midnight

Due to our commitment to the trail, we are not allowing pacers in this event. You must be able to traverse this course on your own.

(please also visit cancellation policy below)

You may receive a refund only if there is a wait list entrant still available at the time of your request.

The refund will be a FULL refund until June 1st as long as we have entrants on the wait list. NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 1ST

If no runner is on the waiting list the refunds will be as follows:

Jan 1- April 30 – $70.00

May 1-June 1 $50.00

No refunds after June 1st

There are no transfers of registration allowed for this event.

We do not offer deferrals for this event

** Exceptions**

  1. Pregnancy- Any person who becomes pregnant after registering for the event or gives birth after registering and prior to the event has a 2 year window to defer their entry. Example: Register for the event in March 2019 then become pregnant – can defer registration to the June 2020 or 2021 race.
  2. Military – Any service member of the United States Military, active or reserve who will miss the event due to required service may defer to the following year at no cost.

Cancellation Policy


The Race Director, in accordance with the parks department and the local law enforcement, has the authority to cancel the event, for any reasons deemed necessary. If the event is cancelled by law enforcement, government entities, or land managers we will be unable to provide refunds.

If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, since funds were already spent in preparation for race day. In the event of cancellation, all runners will receive an email with information on how they can still receive their mug and medal.

Such conditions fall under the label “Acts of God,” and will not result in guaranteed  refunding of any race entry fees or future event credits.

In the event that Many On The Genny is forced to cancel the race for any reason (such as a force majeure event, including severe weather, wildfire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flooding, storm damage, infectious illness outbreak, etc.), we will make every attempt to feasibly reschedule the event for a later date. If the event cannot be feasibly rescheduled, we will offer all registered runners the option of receiving a rollover credit to the same race the following year. Credit amount will be determined based on event costs that have already been incurred at the sole discretion of the Race Director. The race credit amount will be communicated to participants via email.

Transgender Registration Policy

Male to Female transition – You May register for this race as a woman if you prefer as long as you have  been under a medically supervised hormone treatment for the purpose of gender transition for no less than one year prior to race day.

Female to Male transition- May register for this race as a male if you prefer with no restrictions.

Non-Binary – For results purposes you will be placed into the gender assigned at birth unless you fit under one of the transgender guidelines above

Many On The Genny will take all registrants at face value with trust upon race registration. All decisions in this matter are the sole discretion of Many On The Genny Race Directors and will be made in private with parties involved.