Please note: This event is not for new trail runners looking for a PR. You must be able to handle  yourself in the woods. This course will have upwards of 7,000 feet of elevation gain. It will be marked sparingly. Each runner will be given detailed course descriptions and major intersections will be marked, however runners should have basic trail navigational skills (following blazes and numbered trails with the map).

We will not have qualifying standards, however you will notice there is significant distance between aid stations.  With that said there will be certain requirements.

  1. Runners must carry water with them (a requirement of 20 ounces)
  2. There is no drop point on the finger lakes trail other than aid stations. If you drop at an aid station you will still need to hike up to the road for a ride back out.
  3. You have an understanding that 40+ miles is a long way to run. Each runner will be given a course map and directions prior to starting the event -we suggest you bring this with you as we will only be marking major intersections of the course.

In the style of old school ultras, this race comes with a need for self sufficient runners – We have 6 fully stocked aid stations on the course spread out among the 40 miles. Be prepared to spend up to 8-9 miles between some of the aid stations in some remote sections of trail. Be prepared to read a map/follow directions/get yourself out of trouble.



Early bird Registration: $90.00

Shuttle from start to finish $5.00

After December 31st – $100.00

Due to our commitment to the trail, we are not allowing pacers in this event. You must be able to traverse this course on your own.

Refund Policy:

You may receive a refund or deferral only if there is a wait list entrant still available at the time of your request.


Refunds will be given out as defined below.

  1. $90 refund up until December 31st – 2017
  2. $70 refund up until Feb 28th 2018
  3. $45 refund up until April 30th – 2018
  4. No refunds or deferrals after April 30th – 2018

There are no transfers allowed for this event.