Trail Use

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Eric and Sheila, serving as President and Co-Founder of #TrailsRoc (Eric) and Secretary/Treasurer (Sheila), , have a long and proven track record of commitment to responsible and sustainable trail use.

With every race we have operated under the #TrailsRoc name we have left the trail in better condition after the race than it was prior.

How do we do this?

Responsible Cap  (150)- Every race we have ever operated has limited entrants below what is put in place by current land managers. We believe that the trails, while a wonderful home for race experiences are also used year round and our race should have in place the same “Leave No Trace” use that we would expect from any other user.

A responsible cap limits footprint on the trails – Eliminates the slim chance of liter occurring from our runners – Actually drives interest to the trail as folks who are not in the race want to know what it is all about and will make a visit to see the trail.

For this reason our cap is at 150 runners –

Trail Work days  – Before and after every race. We know even with a responsible cap there is a chance a section here or there may show wear and tear. We are on the trail before, and after the event to ensure that everything is in tip top shape both before and after our race. We will ensure the trail is sustainable and usable for years to come.

We believe EVERY organization that hosts a race on ANY trail should do the same.

All of our trail work days are in cooperation with any existing trail maintenance crews.

Runner Education – Not everyone who loves to run with us is aware of the work that goes into building and maintaining trails. Not everyone who runs with us is aware there is proper etiquette for running on trails (staying on trail, going through mud not around, etc).

We educate every runner about these points and are confident this process has produced more savvy, knowledgeable, and sustainable minded trail users.

Donations to those who help build/maintain Trails –  We know that our local trails did not build themselves and will not maintain themselves. We also know our trail work days help, but we can do more. After each race we make a donation to the organization(s) that help build and maintain trails where we run.


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