We know that swag is a big part of racing for many of you. We also wanted to keep the cost of the event down – So we will be meeting you in the middle here! Every runner will receive the following:


A custom race bumper sticker with race logo


 Race specific – custom beers from 803 Washington Brewery

Photos of 803 Washington Brewery Untappd.png

127 Step IPA

A bitter IPA at 127IBUs named after the 127 stone steps that lead runners down to the stone bridge to cross the river at lower falls. The stairs mark the half way point, the beer commemorates your finish. Enjoy

Many On The Genny Screamer Ale

A smooth creme ale to sooth those screaming quads. You just ran 40 miles. Sit down, take a load off and enjoy this perfect summer brew.

For additional Trail Methods swag please visit the stores below

Our high end swag is sold here through Atayne – This is a company aligned with our values, respecting both the environment and its workers. Please consider purchasing a shirt from here



 Atayne does not create everything we wanted so we have a few options for sale at Zazzle as well – Click the hoodie!