On Friday May 1st you will receive an online question from UltraSignUp outlining your options to respond to. We have made the very difficult decision to cancel Many On The Genny this year. We have runners traveling from 13 states and 2 countries and the area in which our race is held has not yet been released from travel/stay at home restrictions.

In addition the NYS Parks and the United States Army Corps of Engineers have both put our permits on hold and the campgrounds cannot guarantee us they will be open and allow campers in time for the race.

From day one Sheila and I have been 100% transparent and we have always shared our finances, more for education than anything else but we do this Race Directing thing because we love sharing the sport and locations with you, once we get through this we will again share out so you can see where it all goes.

Each year we donate almost all of our proceeds, in fact we have donated more to trail organizations, first responders, and park services than we have kept in the time this race has gone on.  Our hope is that some of you will choose option 1 below so we can continue to do that and improve our local trails and support small town first responders.

In order to be able to move forward with the options below, we need your response to ultrasignup (not in an email to us) by May 8th. We hope our options below find a way to keep everyone happy, this is a horrible decision to have to make and we are terribly sorry it has come to this. Please reach out if you have any questions.

We are sad we will not be celebrating with you in a place that is so special to the both of us, but we will be back and we will #SeeYaAtTheDam next year!

Eric and Sheila

Option 1

Donate the registration fee and do not take a deferral or refund. This money will be used to donate to the FLTC and to put in significant trail work on the FLT and Parks trails where we race. I t will not be used as income for Eric and Sheila

Option 2

Defer your entry to the 2021 race. We will aim for the same weekend, we will be able to announce that soon. Very Likely it will be June 19th 2021


Option 3

Refund. Our goal would be 100% but it will really depend on the number of folks who use the above 2  options.




Welcome to Many On The Genny

June 19 2021


Video review

Presented by:

Rochester Running Company


The only ultra in the #TrailsRoc Trail Runner Of the Year series

With Support from: Athletic Brewing Company –

Finish Line beers that won’t hinder your recover!

What: A 40 mile trail ultra using both sides of the famous gorge in Letchworth State Park. With 90% of the course off roads, you will traverse single track, fields, foot bridges and bridle paths. You will experience beautiful vistas, quad busting climbs, and most importantly a grass roots, community friendly event.

In the style of old school ultras, this race comes with a need for self sufficient runners – We have 5 fully stocked aid stations on the course spread out among the 40 miles. Be prepared to spend up to 8-9 miles between some of the aid stations in some remote sections of trail.

The field is capped at 150 runners. Please keep this in mind. We will have a wait list (1st come 1st served) Each aid station has a time cut off and an official finish is 14 hours or less.

Where? Letchworth State Park -Often called the “Grand Canyon of the East” and voted Americas best State Park in 2015 by the USA Today and 10best.com


When: June 19th, 2021

Who are we? Eric and Sheila Eagan have been directing events for #TrailsRoc and Trail Methods since 2012. With numerous ultra races completed, and countless trail races on their directors resume, rest assured all of your needs will be met on race day. Both spent time visiting, exploring, and falling in love with Letchworth as children. Eric lived at the entrance to the park  for 2  years scouting and running trails in 2003-2004. The couple then spent an entire week covering every single mile of trail on both sides of the Genesee River in the summer of 2014.

Many On The Genny is a culmination of all of these visits. After years of dreaming, planning, prepping and experiencing these trails, Eric and Sheila are ecstatic to share them with you!

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very interested in the event. I’ll make a decision after I complete the can lake 50. Is there still spaces and do you offer a medal? Could you hold a place?


    1. Hi Joe – There will not likely be a medal for this event. Runners will each receive a shirt, a visor, and post race party along with drinks from a local brewer – We do not hold spaces for runners and hope to see you there!


  2. With North Face as the sponsor, I was curious if any of the gear for sale would be printed on North Face products? I am always willing to pay more for a good quality product.


      1. That stuff looks great. I’m not familiar with them, but will be sure to order somethings to test out. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Is 9 weeks enough time to train for this? I really want to do it! But not sure if its a good idea. I’m not a winter runner so not in shape yet, But I usually get back into long distance pretty quickly. The longest I’ve done is 10 mi Webster classic last summer and done half marathons but I’ve never done a marathon. Any advice? Should I wait until i have more training time to try a distance like this?


    1. Hi Lauren we cant really make the decision for you. The distance is long and the course is difficult. With that said the race is currently sold out. You can get on the wait list start putting in the miles in. If you get in to the race you can make a decision at that point!


  4. No training no problem (saw the training comment from last year), getting excited for this one. I don’t train but I also never dnf’d, hoping really bust these quads 😉 looks like a blast!


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